Apartment Area Features


  • Solid Burma Teak/Ctg. Teak decorative main entrance door with
    • Check viewer.
    • Doors handle lock with good quality security lock.
    • Calling bell switch of good quality.
    • Apartment number in Plate
    • Door Knocker
  • Internal doors (except servant’s bed & toilet) of imported solid door/Veneer Flush door shutters with French polish.
  • All internal doors with cat door frame are made of Teak Chambal/Shill Koroi/Mehagoni or equivalent.
  • Plastic door frame & shutter in all bathrooms.
  • All internal doors with good quality round lock and one tower bolt.
  • Video intercom (on selected project).


  • Sliding aluminum windows as per Architectural Design of the Building.
  • 5 mm thicknesses clear glass with mohair lining.
  • Rainwater barrier in 4” aluminum section (Kai/BTA/Nikki/Chung Hua or equivalent) at external windows.
  • Grills with MS flat bar/ square bar in all external windows.
  • Mosquito net in all outside windows & outside Verandah.


  • All external wall and apartment separation wall will be combination of 10” & 5” brickwork with smooth plaster.
  • All internal walls will be smooth plastered with 5” brickwork.


  • Distinctive glaze Homogeneous/mirror polishes floor tiles. (RAK/China or equivalent)
  • 06” skirting with similar tiles.


  • Distinctive glaze Homogeneous/mirror polishes floor tiles.
  • Railing shall be provided with MS/SS box or pipe as per design in roadside.
  • Suitable light points provision.
  • Grill with MS box will be in kitchen verandah & other verandah except roadside.

Paint & Polishing:

  • Plastic paint in all internal walls and on ceiling (Berger or equivalent).
  • Exterior wall will be painted by weather coat paint (Berger/Aqua/Elite or equivalent).
  • French polish in all doorframe & shutters.
  • Synthetic enamel paint on grills, verandah railing and metallic surface. (Berger/Aqua/Elite or equivalent).

Bathroom Features:

  • Uniform floor slope towards water outlet.
  • Standard quality sanitary ware set (Combi set with basin) in all bathrooms except servant toilet.
  • Standard quality (RAK or equivalent Tiles) wall tiles at toilet walls up to 7’-0” height / false ceiling.
  • Matching homogeneous non skid floor tiles in all bathrooms.
  • Wide Vanity Mirrors in all bathrooms with overhead lamp points.
  • Good quality chrome plate fittings (Grohe/Cotto/Nazma/Sunbird or equivalent).
  • Special features in Master bathroom:
    • Cabinet basin with marble top finish.
    • One bathtub with mixer and overhead shower.
  • Pedestal basin in other bathrooms except servant toilet.
  • Provision for concealed Hot water lines in all Bathrooms except servant toilet.
  • Ceramic tile on wall up to 7’-0” height at servant’s bath wall with long pan, shower & lowdown (RAk or equivalent standard).
  • All bathrooms will have exhaust fan provision except servant toilet.
  • Storage space over the toilet of all bathrooms.
  • Continuous hot water supply.

Kitchen Features:

  • Impressively designed platform with Granite slab/Tile worktop.
  • Standard quality wall tiles at kitchen wall up to 7’-0” height.
  • Double burner gas outlet.
  • Floors in Homogeneous non skid floor tiles.
  • One imported stainless counter top steel sink (Single bowl, single tray) with sink mixture.
  • Suitably located one exhaust fan. (China or equivalent)
  • Washing area in kitchen verandah with tile finish.
  • Provision for one kitchen hood.
  • Separate faucet for pure water (on selected project).

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