Common Area Features

Main Building Entrance:

  • Decorative main Gate with Lamppost as per the elevation & perspective of the building.
  • Security provision through guardroom to control incoming and outgoing persons, vehicles and goods.
  • Project Name with address and company logo on polished Marble /Granite/Mirror polish with SS/ACP letter or other lucrative matter.
  • Comfortable internal driveway with pavement blocks.
  • Biometric access provision in main entrance (China or equivalent)

Reception Room & Lobby:

  • Marble/Granite/Mirror polish homogenous tiles finished concierge desk.
  • Marble/Granite/Mirror polishes homogenous tiles in the floors of reception area and lobby.
  • Security provision through reception desk to control incoming and outgoing persons, vehicles and goods including arrangement of C.C.T.V system (Camera & Monitor/PC).


  • International standard lifts (Mitsubishi/Sigma or equivalent)
  • AC-VVVF Drive system.
  • Having a voltage stabilizer.
  • Full height Photocell.

Lift Lobby & Stair:

  • Marble/Granite finished in Ground Floor lift lobby and other floors lift walls.
  • Homogeneous mirror polish tiles in all other lift lobbies.
  • Homogeneous nosing stair tile in all staircases.
  • Stair along with handrail (Wooden or metal) and post of stainless steel.

Satellite Dish Cable:

  • Provision for connection of satellite dish antenna with multi-channel capacity from commercial cable TV operator.
  • All wiring will be concealed with separate cable for each apartment.

Generator cum Substation with Room:

  • One Standby emergency Generator (i.e., Perkins/Leroy somer /Newage stamford or equivalent) for operation in Case of Power Failure of:
    • Lift
    • Water Pumps
    • Lighting in driveway, gate, boundary Wall, lift lobby, stair and other common spaces.
  • Standard Sub Station with LT and PFI panel as per required capacity.

Under Ground water Reservoir with Pump:

  • One for full operation & one for standby water pumps (Pedrollo / Sear/Gazi or equivalent) for lifting required water from underground water reservoir to overhead tank at rooftop.

Roof Top Facility:

  • Well-designed Parapet wall of adequate height.
  • Average 4” thick Lime terracing or other modern technology in rooftop to protect overheating.
  • Gardening with lighting.

Fire fighting of the complex:

  • A fire extinguisher will be provided in each floor.
  • A fire alarm system will be provided in each floor.
  • A fire escape will be provided in each floor.


  • Gang type Switch (MK-Singapore/Malaysia/Siemens or equivalent) plug points, light points and other various.
  • All Power Outlets with Earthing Connection.

Internet Facility:

  • Concealed wiring with separate cable for broadband Internet line provision (without connection) in each apartment.

Structural & Engineering Features:

  • Total foundation and super structure will be designed and supervised by the experienced and professional structural design engineers.
  • Building design parameters will be based on Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC).
  • Comprehensive checking and testing of concrete & reinforcement.
  • Structural designed is considering earthquakes and winds intensity as per Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC).
  • Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) frame structure with beam column.
  • Total foundation will be designed after sub soil investigation report.
  • All materials including Steel, Cement, Bricks, Bricks Chips, Stone Chips Sylhet Sand, and other finishing materials etc. of developer’s standard.


  • Direct supervision at every stage of construction by experienced engineers to ensure highest quality.
  • One or more engineer(s) will be engaged for full time supervision and quality control.

Major Structural Material:

  • Standard quality cement from:
    • Scan Cement Ltd.
    • Holcim Cement Industries Ltd.
    • Lafarge Surma Cement Ltd.
    • Cemex Cement Ltd.
    • Crown Cement Ltd.
  • Steel-Standard quality deformed Bar / (fy 60,000 psi) Manufactured by:
    • BSRM Steel Mills Ltd.
    • Rahim Steel Mills Ltd.
    • KSRM Steel Mills Ltd.
    • Bashundhara Steel Mills Ltd.
    • GPH Steel Mills Ltd.
  • Coarse Aggregate:
    • Good quality Ready mix concrete (ABC/ADT/ Concord/MIR or equivalent) with cement, sand and stone for foundation, basement & ground floor.
    • Good quality hand mix concrete with cement, sand and stone for slab, beam, and column.
    • Well graded stone chips from Volagonj or equivalent.
  • Bricks:
    • Good quality available 1st class machine made Bricks.
  • Fine Aggregate:
    • Coarse sand from Sylhet.
    • Medium sand.

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